Vanessa Hidden’s Official Site
Here you will find everything about Vanessa and her projects.

Official site for Les Nouveaux Romantiques:
Here you will find lots of information on Stéphane’s most recent project.

Official Paradisco site:
A whole host of terrific facts and figures about all aspects of the film, cast and crew. Including some fabulous photos.

Regard en Coulisse:
This Website has a fascinating amount of information about musical theatre. Stéphane is co-editor.

Jérôme Pradon's Official Site:
Dedicated to one of France's great actors. You will find loads of different things about Jérôme and all about his past and present projects.

Anthony Rapp’s Official Site:
Here you will find everything there is to know about Anthony and his theatrical, musical and film career.

Grégori Baquet
You’ll discover some fascinating information, news, photos, etc. about another of France’s talented performers.

Laurent Bàn
Many informative facts about Laurent and his various achievements. Laurent will also personally answer any questions left for him on the ‘forum’.

International Movie Database
This is the link to the Paradisco page of the International Movie Database, a comprehensive site, where individual sections are dedicated to many films. Please feel free to post your comments about any aspect of Paradisco and the cast/team, as they are greatly appreciated.

Christine Kandel’s Official Site
This is the Official site of Christine,  who played the part of Madame Tang  in Paradisco.