News Items from 2006

6 November 2006
Stéphane will direct two Christmas shows to be performed at Ikspiari in Tokyo, Japan. Ikspiari is the impressive shopping complex situated at the Tokyo Disney Resort.
The shows will run from 22 – 25 December with daytime and evening performances, and will feature a selection of Christmas songs.
The daytime show will be performed three times through the day and will last approximately 10 minutes. The show will star Anandha Seethane, Vanessa Hidden, Mark Marian and Pascal Bolantin.
The evening presentation will be performed twice and will last around 15 minutes. This show will star Léovanie Raud and Agnès Valentin, who will be accompanied by a dozen Japanese handbell ringers.
Stéphane will be present for the shows on 22 December.

9 October 2006
The recent Paradisco interview with Stephane can be viewed by clicking on the link below -

2 October 2006
PinkTV will broadcast Paradisco on the programme entitled "Cours chez Pink". An interview with Stéphane will accompany the film. Schedule – 05/10 at 14.30, 09/10 at 17.00 and 13/10 at 00.15.

28 June 2006

Stéphane is currently working on his upcoming project, a feature-length film called Etrangers au Paradis (Strangers in Paradise). This film, like Stéphane’s previous successful short musical film, Paradisco will once again be produced by Athanor Films. Etrangers au Paradis is set in the early 1960s and tells the story about the arrival of a small group of Vietnamese families, who are repatriated in a little village in the middle of France. Although this time around, Stéphane’s film isn’t a musical, music will still play an important part, with existing songs being used as well as original music by Patrick Laviosa. Casting will be announced in due course.